Spiegel, D.; Geffert, A.; Schieder, E.; Lu, D.:
Stochastic behaviour quantification of GNSS receivers.
Coordinates. 12(11), S. 12-16, November 2016.


For intelligent transportation systems the information of any vehicle location in an absolute geodetic reference frame is essential. These locations can be estimated best on the basis of global navigation satellite systems combined with auxiliary sensors. A GNSS receiver serves as the major component. Since more and more GNSS are available or will be built up in the near future, availability and accuracy will increase. Therefore, the reliable determination of the receiver quality is currently under research at multiple institutions e.g. [1]. Especially for GNSS system manufacturers and system integrators, it is essential to determine which receiver is the most suitable for their specific applications. Thereby, the performance evaluation is mostly performed by static tests or by kinematic tests driving randomly through an urban environment. But the gathered data is only a snapshot of the receiver performance and has a lack of statistic significance.