Diekhake, P.:
Systematic modeling and analysis of distributed automation systems .
EMN 2016 - Abstracts, ''8 2016. EMN 2016 SmartGrids Technologies Meeting.


Today’s building automation systems are organized more and more in a decentralized way due to the improved performance properties and the declining costs of microprocessors. Distributed systems offer the flexibility to handle constantly increasing requirements, for example the expanding scope of functions. However, they also pose new challenges. A connected chain of tools supports the development process of a distributed building automation system, while the analysis steps are mostly performed separately. Thus, each analysis step focus only on one concrete problem, one description language and one tool within only one phase of the system live cycle. Therefore, the focus of this contribution is an approach for a systematic and unified analysis concept of distributed (building) automation systems using less description languages and tools and reusing existing mathematical descriptions.