Spiegel, D.; Lu, D.; Schnieder, E.:
Introduction of a new quantity for the stochastic behavior quantification of GNSS receivers.
Proceeding of the European Navigation Conference (ENC), Helsinki, Finnland, Mai/Juni 2016. 2016 European Navigation Conference.


For GNSS system manufacturers and system integrators dealing with safety critical applications it is essential to determine the most suitable receiver for their specific applications. Hitherto, when GNSS localisation measurements are performed they are tested under real application conditions or by means of simulators. Astonishingly, receivers of the same type with the same software settings and provided with the same input signals calculate different location outputs. Reasons for that are a probabilistic phase lock loop process, different receiver clock offsets and many more. This behaviour is a potential hazard and has to be investigated and analysed. To create a specific characteristic for this phenomenon this paper starts with the definition of the repeatability standard deviation as a new quantity for describing the GNSS receiver key performance characteristics. Afterwards, a test set up together with the classification of different scenarios, and the acquisition of measurement data for the repeatability performance calculation is described. Lastly, the measurement data sets are analysed and the repeatability performance is calculated and discussed.