Dietrich, T.-H.; Löffler, C.; Meins, J.; Henke, M.; Wussow, J.; Engel, B.; Kurczveil, T.; Callegari, J.:
Conceptual design and integration of a high power inductive charging system into a series vehicle.
In: Henke, M.; Voß, B., Hrsg.: 13. Symposium: Hybrid- und Elektrofahrzeuge, S. 122-134, Braunschweig, Februar 2016. ITS Niedersachsen e.V..


The scope of the publicly funded project emil included the development and installation of an inductive charging infrastructure for Braunschweig’s public bus transport. Five inductive charging stations have been installed since 2012. Whereas emil aimed at the evaluation of the operation of electric vehicles and the high-power inductive energy transfer in line service, the follow-up project InduktivLaden deals with the electrification of the first entire bus line. It shall further be analyzed, if and how the installed charging stations could be used jointly by private motor vehicles. This contribution presents the conceptual design and the required measures to charge modified electric cars on the proprietary charging stations from project emil. The goal is to develop a widely applicable system that can easily be transferred into a broad variety of different vehicles.