Arndt, S.; Sheveleva, T.; Goeker, C.:
Smart grid terminology development—crossing the boundaries of terminology standardization.
Energy, Substainability and Society. 20(5), July 2015.


Standardization is concerned with ongoing terminology standardization activitie s. Activities are rather complex in divergent topics and current themes of interest. T he article is concerned with terminology standardization activities in Germany and international s tandardization acti vities for smart grids and smart-grid-related topics like smart metering systems, smart homes, and electromobility. Even t hough standardization topics a re very clearly organized by standardization road maps, and responsibilities are distributed among working groups, there are still conceptual overlaps between activities of different g roups that will result in inconsistencies and amb iguities in their respective glossaries. These glossaries, however, undergo only a limit ed process of synchronization during their development, especially on the level of single concepts and terms. The application of inconsistent and ambiguous terminology in standards may later on reduce their internal and external consistency, readability, and understandability. To create high-quality standards, conceptual consistency needs to be guaranteed. To do this, terminologies under development should be made more openly available to standardization working groups in the development phase (and not only after completion). Furthermore, additional synchronization tasks on the conceptual level are needed to generate consistent and clear conceptualizations of new technologies.