Kurczveil, T.; Álvarez López, P.:
eNetEditor: Rapid prototyping urban traffic scenarios for SUMO and evaluating their energy consumption.
SUMO 2015 - SUMO User Conference 2015 - Intermodal Simulation for Intermodal Transport, Berlin, Deutschland, Mai 2015.


The increasing mobility and transport demand and the sinking global supply of fossil energy carriers will eventually cause a growing trend towards alternative drive concepts and the development of corresponding energy supply infrastructures. These emerging solutions and their interaction with the prevailing traffic will need to be evaluated for their optimal integration. SUMO is a preferred tool when it comes to evaluating measures in urban traffic behavior. When using SUMO, however, the creation of corresponding scenarios is accompanied by challenges in network creation and corrections as well as traffic demand generation and calibration. Motivated by the projects emil and InduktivLaden, both funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and digital Infrastructure, this paper presents the newly developed tool eNetEditor, which allows users the rapid prototyping of custom and calibrated traffic scenarios based on traffic counts and their evaluation in regard of energy consumption.