Yurdakul, A.; Welte, J.; Schnieder, E.:
Construction of a Consistent openETCS Tool Development Terminology by Modeling.
FORMS/FORMAT 2014 – 10th Symposium on Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems, Braunschweig, Deutschland, September 2014.


The development of European Train Control System (ETCS) has been started to overcome the limitations of different national train control systems, which impede cross border travel and thereby handicap the development of a competitive common European Railway Network. The main objective of the openETCS project is the development of an integrated modeling, development, validation and testing framework for the more reliable and less expansive implementation of ETCS on-board software supported through a tool platform for the formal verification and validation. Respectively, the project brings together experts from different domains such as railway experts, software developers and safety experts. However, each domain has its own terminology and concepts which can even lead to the use of same terms in different contexts. To allow an efficient and successful development, the existing and new heterogeneous terminological concepts have to be identified and clarified to avoid misunderstandings and linguistic detours. This paper presents a concept how to use terminology management for supporting the work in a multi-domain context. On the basis of a general terminological modeling concept and process, the creation of the openETCS terminology which has to connect the software tool user with the software tool development will be demonstrated by using the example of the tool development terminology.