Spiegel, D.; Grasso Toro, F.; Schnieder, E.:
A Satellite Independent High Dynamic Test Bed and First Measurement Results.
ION GNSS 2014 - The 27th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation, Tampa, USA, September 2014.


The aim of this research is to identify measurement conditions under which dynamic GNSS receiver evaluation has to be performed, such as how long test tracks need to be and how often tests have to be repeated to obtain reliable results. Therefore, a roller-coaster as a new high dynamic test platform for the performance evaluation of GNSS receivers was equipped with a satellite independent reference system to allow the investigation of a high dynamic movement on a high repeatability trajectory at varying speed. In a first step, the measurement uncertainty of the system is determined and exemplary measurement results of two satellite receivers, a Septentrio AsteRx HDC and a U-Blox EVK 7-P are presented, showing the feasibility of the reference measurement system.