von Buxhoeveden, G.; Grasso Toro, F.; Schnieder, E.:
Indicator based safety assessment of multimodal traffic incidents.
SMTDA 2014 - 3rd Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference, Lissabon, Portugal, Juni 2014.


Traffic safety assessment serves as a basis for evaluation, trend identification and also for supervision of operators and their investment allocation. In order to compare traffic mode related safety quantities the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT) uses a system of safety indicators to categorize public transport incidents. To understand, analyse and communicate the risks of public transport usage in Switzerland a software tool was developed. Indicators are evaluated on a country and company level. Confidence intervals (CI) are used to compare computed safety targets from the past to the safety performance of recent years. Standardisation of results can be performed to better compare companies and groups of companies. Ranking of company safety performance is used to help safety auditors perform their job. Challenges of a three year lasting project from data collection and data cleaning up to statistical analyses, leading to a software tool that is in productive use at the FOT are described. The paper comprises a collection of recent statistical methods in practical use at a governmental institution.