Schnieder, E.; Burmeister, K.; Hosse, R. S.:
Economic Challenges of Railway Innovations - Model-based analysis of optimized market diffusion of satellite-based localization systems for train control systems.
Railways 2014 - The Second International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance, Ajaccio, Frankreich, April 2014.


Innovations & for safety relevant applications in railway always afford a tremendous effort of engineering and business evaluations, since railway technologies are heavily interconnected and embedded. The basic problem of applying traditional business evaluation methodologies for railway innovations is the oversimplification or focus-narrowing. Oftentimes use cases represent the benchmark for all possible applications. Solely whole markets and comprehensive approaches are performed. This contribution shows the methods and findings, which have been applied in the EU projects SATLOC for business evaluations. This project focuses on the application of satellite based train control systems in railways. The performed business evaluations were specifically designed for the project's designation and the results are based on semi-quantitative analyses and model-based approaches. By doing so for the overall project more generic findings can be found and are not limited to certain applications.