Schnieder, E.; Hosse, R. S.:
Towards a Theory of Traffic Safety - And its Implications for Policy Processes.
AVSIC - Advanced Vehicle Structures and Infrastructures for China, Shanghai, China, Oktober 2013.


The aim of a scientific theory is to provide an exact description and explanation of the description and causation of phenomena and observations. In particular, the development of a conceptual system definition with corresponding terms and quantities is needed, which also integrates a description of their structural relations. A good basis for this is an axiomatic foundation and the use of appropriate model concepts. This enables a formulation and a following formalization based on mathematical theories; it allows the formulation of hypotheses, which can be validated then so that reproducible laws can be developed. This is especially applied for the phenomena of traffic safety. This contribution provides a profound definition of traffic safety based on physical observations and integrates this definition in system theory. Afterwards this theoretical foundation can actually be integrated into the analysis of processes in social and organizational systems affecting traffic and automotive safety, especially development processes. Thus effects on safety can be anticipated and analysed. This knowledge can be used then to create new and consistent requirements to socio-technical systems to ensure a safe and sustainable product development process.