Grasso Toro, F.; Spiegel, D.; Schnieder, E.:
Basis for certification of GNSS receivers by means of accuracy analysis.
POSNAV ITS 2013 - Positionierung und Navigation für Intelligente Transportsysteme 2013, Berlin, Deutschland, November 2013.


Localisation systems based on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) need a previous evaluation of the generated position information related to an independent reference. This paper describes the basis for a certification methodology for GNSS receivers by means of an extended accuracy evaluation of GNSS data, based on an independent reference measurement system (RMS). Three separated evaluations constitute the process: Evaluation of the accuracy (trueness and precision) for both static and dynamic GNSS data; and the evaluation of the acquisition time of the GNSS signal. These resulting three evaluations are later combined as in an accuracy report (validation output) that must be attested to obtain the certificate. This certification approach allows further development on intelligent accuracy-based quality functions and certification