Grasso Toro, F.; Díaz Fuentes, D. E.; Schnieder, E.; Becker, U.:
Extended accuracy evaluation of GNSS for dynamic localisation in railways.
WCRR 2013 - World Congress on Railway Research, Sydney, Australien, November 2013.


The use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for localisation purposes needs previous data analysis and an evaluation of the generated position information, based on an independent reference, in order to validate the whole localisation system. This paper describes an extended accuracy evaluation of Global Positioning System (GPS) data, based on an independent reference measurement system (RMS). The method described in this paper consists on deviation analysis, focused on a direction and orientation of the moving vehicle approach, and the statistical analysis of these deviations. An extended evaluation is presented; describing an accuracy availability analysis (AAa) by means of Mahalanobis distance to describe the availability of accurate information from the dynamic localisation system. Also a study case, based on actual experimental data is shown, resulting in a quality characterization of a dynamic localisation system, focused on the accuracy availability approach. These results allow a better description of dynamic localisation systems. The presented analysis describes the basis for verification tool that will enable future certification processes of GNSS receivers.