Welte, J.; Manz, H.; Schnieder, E.; Becker, U.:
Survey of formal model-based development of safety-critical software for railway applications.
WCRR 2013 - World Congress on Railway Research, Sydney, Australien, November 2013.


The OpenETCS project has the goal to develop an integrated approach for development and implementation of software of European Train Control System (ETCS) on-board units. Thereby, the OpenETCS concept is based on the use of methods and tools which support the formal specification and verification of requirements in an overall model-based development process. To provide transparency and allow compatibility over the life cycle of the train system “Open Standards” shall be utilized on all levels. This paper presents an overview on existing methods used in the railway sector and other comparable industries for software development including verification and validation. Therefore a number of interviews with experts from different organisations and various fields of expertise have been conducted to learn about their approaches and experience. In addition the possibility of integrating “Open Standards” in the existing development process has been discussed. Based on these interviews requirements have been derived, which have to be addressed during the further work of the OpenETCS project.