Wu, D.; Schnieder, E.:
Model-based Testing for the On-board Subsystem Model of a Satellite-based Train Control System with Coloured Petri Nets.
WCRR 2013 - World Congress on Railway Research, Sydney, Australien, November 2013.


Testing as a means of verification during system development, aims at demonstrating the compliance of actual and intended behaviour of the system. However, the degree of automatic test generation and test coverage are big challenges in testing. Concerning these problems, a model-based approach is proposed to test the on-board subsystem model of an advanced satellite-based train control system model that has been developed before this research. The formal modelling language of Coloured Petri Nets is adopted as the means of description for the test model in this approach. The test model includes a behavioural module of the on-board subsystem model and two other modules for the application environments of the on-board subsystem model. The behavioural module and modules of application environments form a closed system and the test cases are generated by state space analysis.