von Buxhoeveden, G.; Schnieder, E.; Becker, U.; Slovák, R.; Meuli, H.:
Advanced approaches for common safety targets and indicators for railway operators and infrastructure managers.
WCRR 2013 - World Congress on Railway Research, Sydney, Australien, November 2013.


Supervision of the safety performance in public transport is one of the main tasks of the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) in Switzerland. Recently a three level system of safety indicators has been defined to cover all means of Swiss public transport. The safety indicators are fed by the FOT incident database since the year 2000 and it is covering all transport companies having a license to operate in Switzerland. In cooperation with the Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering (iVA) at Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, FOT is developing a suitable methodology for the definition and evaluation of the safety targets in Swiss public transport. The methodology is applied for evaluation of safety indicators on a country level and for single transport companies, taking into account the statistical significance of the rare events incident data, which very often cannot be interpreted by conventional methods of data analyses based on simple averaging.