Kurczveil, T.; Schnieder, E.:
Extending a Traffic Simulation Tool for the Evaluation of novel Charging Infrastructures.
E|TEV 2013 - 2nd International Energy Transfer for Electric Vehicles Conference 2013, Nürnberg, Deutschland, Oktober 2013.


The limited amount of fossil energy sources will inevitably require the development of alternative energy supply systems to satisfy our persisting demand for mobility. Future traffic will therefore pose a challenge when it comes to the corresponding technologies, coordination of operations, and communication interfaces, such as needed for data acquisition and extra-vehicular communication. The increasing attractiveness of alternative drive and energy supply concepts will on one hand allow for new possibilities in testing new technologies; on the other, the new developments will need to be conformed to existing systems and technologies. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, the aim of project emil (Elektromobilität mittels induktiver Ladung – electric mobility via inductive charging) is to integrate an inductive vehicle charging system and a compatible prototype bus fleet into Braunschweig's traffic and infrastructure. This paper shall describe the required functionalities and methodic approach for the evaluation of the new infrastructure by means of traffic simulation and outline the possible optimization potentials it offers.