Wegener, M.; Schnieder, E.:
Design of a mobile GNSS reference system for road vehicle localisation.
20th ITS World Congress, Tokyo, Japan, October 2013.


In the future, intelligent transport systems will play an important role. Vehicles will become smart by being equipped with intelligent on-board sensors, C2X communication devices, and highly accurate digital maps. This will lead to sophisticated applications in transport, e.g., lane-selective vehicle localisation or automatic merging of traffic flows. Many of these safety-relevant applications require an accurate and reliable absolute vehicle position to be provided by GNSS. Their introduction on the market as a basic service for advanced driver assistance systems requires an approval, i.e., the assessment of their measurement quality according to all relevant standards. The approval demands an independent test laboratory that provides a measurement standard for vehicle localisation and standardised methods for carrying out test runs and data analysis. A literature review has shown that such test laboratory does not exist yet. For this reason, a mobile reference system for assessing the measurement quality of the coming Galileo system is currently developed within the scope of the new European project QualiSaR. This paper introduces the objectives of QualiSaR. As a first result, a technology review regarding suitable reference localisation technologies is presented. Finally, the design of the reference system for road transport vehicles to be developed is illustrated.