Hosse, R. S.; Sikatzki, S. S.; Schnieder, E.; Bandelow, N. C.:
Understanding Policy Processes by Engineering Principles of Systems Theory.
Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. 11(2), S. 65-72, 2013.


Socio-technical systems incorporate several dynamic factors that are analyzed by different scientific communities. Political science underlines the non-linearity of the decision-making process while engineering science has made good progress in applying cybernetics to socio-technical systems in various hazard analysis methods. Therefore, this paper incorporates a lens from policy analysis, MSP (multiple streams perspective) with STAMP (systems-theoretic accident modeling and pro-cesses) to improve the understanding of the political process within socio-technical systems and its results. The method is then applied to the German road traffic system.