Wegener, M.; Schnieder, E.:
Application of the GUM method for state-space systems in case of uncorrelated input uncertainties.
Measurement Science and Technology. (2), February 2013.


For the systematic evaluation of measurement uncertainty, the so-called ISO GUM method is well established within the metrological community. The method refers to measurements where the properties of all involved quantities are assumed to be constant during the measurement period. However, in technical applications, such as real-time vehicle localization, the standardized evaluation of a time-dependent uncertainty resulting from dynamic measurements is more and more needed. This contribution extends the standardized ISO GUM method to the class of dynamic measurement systems in a consistent straightforward way. For this purpose, state-space models are used as a means of description, as they can be processed by computers very efficiently. It is shown that the evolution of the systems’ output uncertainty matrix can be described by a state-space model again. This allows an analytical examination of the uncertainty’s behaviour over time. As an illustrative example, a measurement system is considered that performs a low-pass filtering of the acquired values.