Hosse, R. S.; Sikatzki, S.:
Cybernetic Modelling of Safety-Relevant Policy Processes.
FORMS/FORMAT 2012 - 9th Symposium on Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems, Braunschweig, Deutschland, Dezember 2012.


This paper discusses the importance of policy processes for system’s safety and how cybernetics can help to gain a deeper understanding in micro and macro processes shaping safety-relevant policies. After exemplifying the existing methodological problems of policy analysis, the paper introduces a cybernetic- based methodology for analyzing policy processes within hierarchical safety control structures, focusing on the multiple streams perspective. For doing so, the STAMP/STPA method is adapted to concentrate on policies and a new formal model is introduced to describe and understand policy processes. The introduced methodology will be discussed critically and the benefits and drawbacks will be reflected. 1 Introduction