Wegener, M.; Schnieder, E.:
A Measurement Standard for Vehicle Localization and Its ISO-Compliant Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation.
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. (11), S. 3003-3013, November 2012.


A fully autonomous road traffic has already been desired for years, but could not be realized until now. Beside the capability of the vehicles to communicate with each other (C2C) or with the infrastructure (C2I), the main obstacle for the realization of a fully autonomous traffic is a sufficiently accurate and reliable localization. The localization of vehicles, i.e. the real-time measurement of the position of moving objects, is still a challenging task, as each vehicle has to be localized at every time at any place of the road network with a high accuracy and availability. Since fully autonomous traffic is a safety-relevant application, a proof of safety for all safety-relevant components is indispensable. Therefore, the measurement quality of the applied measurement devices has to be verified. For a determination of the accuracy and availability performance of localization systems an accredited testing and calibration laboratory for vehicle localization is necessary, which does not exist yet. Such a laboratory has to provide a measurement standard for vehicle position measurements and an uncertainty estimation for the reference value according to standards. This article suggests a measurement standard for automotive vehicle localization and its measurement uncertainty evaluation according to the ISO GUM.