Hosse, R. S.; Schnieder, E.:
Using Cybernetics for Analyzing Safety within Transportation Systems.
6th International Symposium “Networks for Mobility”, Stuttgart, Detuschland, September 2012.


This research has been conducted at the Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering in cooperation with various other institutes from the Technische Universität Braunschweig in order to conduct a cybernetic-based hazard analyzing methodology on the German road traffic system. The aim of the research is to identify interconnected control loops affecting traffic safety in respect to interdisciplinary influences by politics, sociology, psychology, engineering, economics and research. Especially the analysis of traffic safety requires an interdisciplinary methodology, though isolated contemplations are seen as being not conducive. The explicated hazard analysis STAMP (systems-theoretic accident model and process) meets the demands of transdisciplinarity; the methodology uses safety control structures of automated and human controllers and transferees these into system dynamics models. By doing so it is possible to visualize and simulate meshed control loops within the German road traffic system.