5207 Provision and operation of printers and plotters


The Gauß-IT center provides printers and plotters for general use of the printer in the printer room HS004 through a central print service. Including these services:

  • Drucker im Druckerraum HS004Manage output queues provide status information about the devices in the network *, providing compartments for expenditure
  • Organizing an accounting system for the use of printers and plotters. The use of the output devices will be charges with fees.
    A valid user ID of the Gauß-IT center is a neccessary precondition for use the of printer and plotters and the respective accounting.
    Students' print jobs are charged to an account called Guthaben-Konto (Lehr- und Lernmittelzuschuss) or to the personal printing account (persönliches Druckkonto).
    Granted bonuses of the printing costs (e.g. from student fee funds/Lehr- und Lernmittelzuschuss) will not be paid out.
    The personal printing account can be recharged by cashless inpayments via the MensaCard or TUcard, e.g. when the credit of the Guthaben-Konto was completely expended.
    Employees - also student employess - can switch between the personal printing account and the printing account of their institution. The DV coordinators (DV-Koordinatoren) of their institution will grant access to the latter account. 

The following categories of the printers are available:


  •     fast black and white printer for DIN A4 sheets
  •     Color laser printer for DIN A4 and DIN A3 format
  •     large-format color plotter (up to DIN A0)


Further information:


* this service is currently unavailable






  last changed 01.12.2016
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