4304 allocation, configuration and maintenance of the management portals

The Gauß-IT-centre places the web-application management portal at disposal as instrument to the distribution of information of the management to all affiliated areas of the TU Braunschweig. All circulars, forms and documents are provided which the administration has published earlier by so-called circulars. The management portal is constantly updated by the editors of the administration. The online capabilities are provided via web server. The read access to the web application requires a user ID and password (standalone web application with local user management). This can be requested through mail to wwwintern@tu-bs.de. Then the management portal team will check the permissions and edit the wishes. The writing access by the editors must be applied by user's request by the superior.

The Gauß-IT-centre is responsible for the maintenance, repair and the substitute assigned for hard-and software for backup (daily) and recovery.


  last changed 01.02.2013
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