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The Gauss-IT center opened in November 2002 for users who frequently send emails to groups of email recipients, the ability to handle this through so-called mailing lists. The Gauss-IT provides a server that handles the storage and management of mailing lists, and distributes the list posts.

Previously included a "list" inter alia just a collection of email addresses, the address was assigned to. Anyone who knew this address, could use it and reach the underlying receiver; abuse was not excluded.

" Correct "mailing lists provide a much higher level of functionality and security. For each list belongs to one or more owners (list-owner) who manage the list on their own and set up the list of participants (subscriber) under their responsibility. Lists depending on the application (discussion lists, lists of information, limited participation) have different properties:

  •     publicly or personally
  •     General access, or only for participants
  •     Archives of the Posts list
  •     Available or only approved posts (moderated lists)
  •     Much more...

A mailing list will be set up on request and according to the wishes of the operator list by the Gauss-IT center. Be set by the responsible person of the list (list of operators, list-owner) as well as important properties (public, semi-public, personally, moderated by WWW at, locked by WWW, etc.). The list is maintained by the respective list operators.

The management comes under either by commands that are sent by mail to the list server (mail listserv@listserv.tu-braunschweig.de, the command is in the body of the message) or through a web administration interface


Released lists and their archives can be accessed via a Web interface. If necessary, can likewise be set up confidential lists.

The Gauss-IT center, uses software LISTSERV from L-Soft International Inc. (http://www.lsoft.com). The server which produces and manage the lists is


The LISTSERV software ensures optimum distribution list mail to the user and will be integrated into the global network of the LISTSERV server.

An example of a closed list, which can be used only by the registered subscribers, the DV-coordinators, is DV-KOORD@listserv.tu-bs.de. The previous "group address" dv-koord@tu-bs.de was replaced by the list, they will be administered by the Gauss-IT center and is only available to the DV coordinators.


More detailed information can be obtained via the online manuals (references to the manuals in the administration interface under http://www.listserv.tu-braunschweig.de/).

Target groups

  •     Institutions / facilities
  •     Students
  •     Management

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