107 Network access for partner institutions

Gauß-IT-Zentrum operates a cluster port in the German research network. A cluster port is an alternative form of the service DFNInternet, used when multiple users share a technical interface. The cluster participants use the DFNInternet service through the router of the host institution and thus gain access to the scientific network.

User group

Members of DFN e.V.

The opportunity to participate requires the consent (signature) of all cluster participants. The location of the cluster router must be set by mutual agreement with DFN e.V.. The cluster participants have individual user contracts with DFN e.V.

Boundary conditions and conditions

  • Partner organizations must be a member of DFN e.V.
  • A line / fiber optic cable between partner institution and location of the cluster router must be present.
  • Estimated time for clarification of the formalities with DFN e.V.: At least two working days for changes to lines and configurations of the cluster router.

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  last changed 29.09.2010
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