1102 Workplace Access to TUBSNET

Gauß-IT-Zentrum offers access to the university's network at every workplace. This includes the assignment of IP address space and DNS subdomains to every TU department or facility where at least one person must be designated as "DV-Koordinator" and coordinate IP address assingment within the department.

Gauß-IT-Zentrum offers an online form to DV-Koordinators to apply for the activation of an access port. Only already existing access ports can be activated. The installation of a new access port is a complex procedure and managed by administrative department 34 ("communications technology"). Existing access ports are activated ("patched" and configured) by members of the network department of Gauß-IT-Zentrum.

Prerequisites and Boundary Conditions:

  • The role of the DV-Koordinator must be officially assinged to at least one member of the institute or facility. The DV-Koordinator must have a valid userid.
  • Only DV-Koordinators may apply for the activation or reconfiguration of access ports.
  • If the online form is not available IT-Service-Desk accepts port activation orders from DV-Koordinators.
  • There will be a plausibility check for every activation order.
  • Members of Gauß-IT-Zentrum must have access to the corresponding engineering rooms where cables must be installed to connect the port to a switch. Not all eningeering rooms fall under the responsibility of building management. In this case there might be a delay until the port is activated.

Further Information:

  last changed 08.03.2011
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