1101 Campus network TUBSNET

Gauß-IT-Zentrum runs the network infrastructure of the Technical University Braunschweig (TUBSNET) including its active components like routers, switches, access points and appliances for management, monitoring and other special services. In this role Gauß-IT-Zentrum is itself a customer of the department for communications technology in the TU administration (GB3). This department is repsonsible for the installation and maintenance of all passive network components including fixed copper or fiber cabling and access ports. When planning to modernize or extend the network Gauß-IT-Zentrum works in close cooperation with the department for communications technology as well as with building management, the TU institutes and facilities itself and the federal construction management.

The network would be of no use without the Domain Name Service (DNS). Gauß-IT-Zentrum runs authoritative DNS servers and resolvers. Gauß-IT-Zentrum is responsible for maintaining the DNS zones "tu-bs.de" and "tu-braunschweig.de" including subdomains.

The basic network infrastructure as well as the Domain Name Service are prerequisites for a pool of other IT services for the university, especially Intranet and Internet access for every workstation on campus, external dial-in access (VPN), wireless lan as well as all services that are run via the network (E-Mail, Web, Fileservices, etc.).

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