Software Quality 2 (SQ2)

Plase notice: This lecture is the successor to the "Fundamentals of Software Engineering" (FSE) lecture. If you already have taken the exam in FSE, you can not take the exam in SQ2. The topics of the lecture have been updated.

Software Quality 1 is not a necessary prerequisiste for this lecture!

Lecturer: Dr. Thomas Thüm
Assistant: Remo Lachmann, M.Sc.

Current Issues

The first lecture will be held on October 29th, 9.45 -11.15, in room IZ161. The tutorial begins a week later, on November 4th, 9.45 - 11.15, in room IZ358.


Formal methods describe methods for system-design or system analysis and implementations techniques described by mathematical precision. The goal is to construct systems, which behave according to their specification with a high reliability. This course introduces, both theoretically and practically, the two most important types of formal methods for the analysis of programs: software model checking and deductive verification.

The course addresses the following topics:

  • Design by Contract with JML
  • Runtime Assertion Checking
  • Software Model Checking
  • First-Order and Dynamic Logic
  • Deductive Verification
  • Behavioral Subtyping
  • Analyses of Configurable Programs

Lecture documents

You will be able to download the lecture materials in Stud.IP. Please enroll yourself until November 15th 2015.

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