Getting Started

As a starting Point, you need a FeatureIDE project that has been developed with FeatureHouse. We used TankWar, a shoot 'em up game, developed as an SPL. You can download the version we used for evaluating the PUM refactoring in the download part of this site.
To initiate the PUM refactoring, you have two possibilities. First, you can right-click on a role (i.e., a .java file in a certain feature module) in the package explorer and then choose VAmPiRe refactoring ->Pull Up Method. Alternatively, you select a method (either the signature or the whole body) in the editor, then right-click and proceed as with the aforementionmed option. In both cases, if the refactoring is applicable (e.g., the corresponding feature has a direct parent feature), the inital wizard page for the PUM refactoring should appear, similarly to the following figure:

please mail me in case you see this alternative text
Figure 1: First page of the Pull Up Method Refactoring Wizard (after initialization)


VAmPiRE is an Eclipse plug-in which requires other plugins to be used. The current version the following plug-ins

  • Eclipse Juno SR 2 (RCP and RAP), version
  • FeatureIDE, version with the following features:
    • Feature Modeling, version
    • FeatureIDE extension for FeatureHouse, version
    • FeatureIDE example projects, version (only necessary for applying refacotrings to existing FOP examples)
  • Fuji, (last version: 2012-03-26)

Download the following .jar file, copy it into the dropin folder of you Eclipse IDE and restart Eclipse (it it is open)

The TankWar product line for download: TankWar (with FeatureHouse)

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