Institute of Software Engineering and Automotive Informatics

The Institute of Software Engineering and Automotive Informatics combines basic research in the field of software engineering with applied research in the field of automotive informatics. The objective of this research is to develop methods and techniques to increase software quality and increase efficiency in software development and application of these approaches in automotive software engineering. The main research areas are:

  • Model-based development and analysis of software systems, the focus is on modeling languages and methodologies to support application-oriented software specification and formal analysis in the early stages of development.
  • Design and implementation concepts for variant-rich software systems, the goal is the modular representation of software variants and versions, and the overall run-time variability with built-in guarantees correctness.
  • Quality assurance of software systems through the integration of formal methods in software development processes, in particular, the development of scalable test and verification procedures for variant-rich software systems.
  • Reengineering of information from data or systems, which have grown over years. The overall goal is to restructure and optimize the analyzed systems and the data according to certain criteria, such as improving reuse of system parts or the maintenance.

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Institute of Software Engineering and Automotive Informatics
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