ISBS Testing Laboratory

The Material Testing Lab affiliated to the ISBS is located on the ground floor of the institute building, spreading over an area of about 700 square meters. In the lab standard and latest test methods for road construction materials are applied. The main focus lies on testing asphalt materials, in particular the characteristics of its individual components aggregate and bitumen. In the field of experimental bitumen and asphalt mix research latest test methods are used and new performance-based testing methods are being developed. Thus, asphalt quality can be assured, new recipes can be tested and realistic simulations of materials behavior can be made. With help of the results from laboratory testing and computer simulations new building materials and new methods for roads and air traffic construction can be developed.

Scientific laboratory projects are carried out on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS), the European Commission (EC), the Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST), the Industrial Research (AIF), the German Research Foundation (DFG), the road authorities and the construction industry in Germany and abroad. In cooperation with external partners such as private industry or organisations in the public sector the ISBS lab deals with issues concerning building praxis, research and development.

Accredited testing laboratory (RAP-Stra)

Since 1972 the ISBS Testing Lab has been recognized as an independent testing laboratory for road-building materials and building material mixtures in road construction according to the German guidelines RAP-Stra. The lab is thereby accredited for testing construction materials, for receiving inspection, for qualification and initial testing, for surveillance and external quality control inspection and for arbitration tests. (RAP-Stra Certificate.)


We can provide:

  • Quality control inspection according to RAP-Stra
  • Expert opinion
  • Failure & damage analysis and remedial design
  • Materials testing during construction phase
  • Advice on test engineering and test methods

We invite you to have a look at our references.


For questions please contact pruefstelle.isbs@tu-bs.de.







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