Sören Peters, M.Sc.

Sören Peters, M.Sc.


Phone:  +49 531 / 391-94522

Fax:  +49 531 / 391-94511

Room:  Pockelsstr. 3, room 513

E-Mail:  soe.peters(at)tu-braunschweig.de



Hi, I am a research software engineer with a passion for software development and its applications in scientific research. I have been actively involved in the SURESOFT project, which focuses on the development of sustainable research software solutions. As part of this project, I have contributed to the open-source development of VirtualFluids, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code.

Research Background: Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have dedicated my efforts to the intersection of research, software engineering, and open source development. I recognize the critical role that reliable and scalable software plays in enabling efficient and reproducible scientific research. With a particular focus on the field of CFD, I have been working diligently to enhance the functionality and performance of VirtualFluids, making it more accessible and beneficial to the research community.