Living in Braunschweig

You have arrived in Braunschweig, have completed the initial paperwork and procedures and are finally getting to know the everyday life of your new city. Things that are perfectly easy at home may pose a problem in a foreign country. In order to get you off to a good start, we have compiled some useful information on the following topics:

mastering daily life

Where are the best places for shopping and how can I get there?
How do I connect to the Internet?

Bus & tram

Braunschweig has a comprehensive public transport network, so you can reach almost any destination within the city quickly and easily. On the main lines, buses and trams run every 10 to 15 minutes during the day, single fare is € 2,40 and a monthly ticket costs € 67.
Timetables: Braunschweiger Verkehrs AG | efa.de

Bicycle - a popular means of transportation within Braunschweig

Throughout the city, there are high-quality cycle paths. If you want to buy fairly good quality bicycles at low prices, you can check the bycicle auction held by the lost property office or visit the German bicycle club ADFC. There, you can receive helpful tips before purchasing and also reparinging your bike yourself.

Internet at your workplace

Your host research institute will provide you with Internet access and an e-mail account. This personal access data also enables you to use the PCs at the IT-Center and the university's WLan using your private laptop computer.

Internet at your home

  • All student residences have broadband internet access. For activiating the acces, please contact the students' initiative in your residence (e.g. An der Schunter).

  • If you are in Braunscheig for a short time only, you can buy an UMTS stick from mobile network operators. If you only want to access the Internet occasionally, you can use internet cafés and call shops.

  • If you are staying in Braunschweig for a longer period of time, it is worthwhile to get broadband Internet access from a telephone provider.

Shopping & strolling around town

The inner city of Braunschweig attracts with extensive pedestrian areas and several shopping malls, you will also find a broad range of boutiques, department stores, specialist shops of all kinds and cosy cafés and restaurants.
» usually open from Mo - Sa, ca. 10h – 20h

Supermarkets & Discounters

You can usually buy groceries close to your home. Each neighbourhood has its own supermarkets, bakeries and butcher's shops. Groceries, beverages, hygiene products or cleaning agents you can buy in supermarkets such as real or rewe. Discounters such as Aldi, Penny, Netto oder Lidl offer less choice, but are usually less expensive than regular supermarkets.
» supermarkets & discounters: usually open from Mo-Sa, 8-20 h, some from 7h-22h
» bakeries: usually open at 7 a.m

» After 22h and on sundays, you can buy groceries, beverages and drugstore products at petrol stations, at the drugstore in the main train station and at kiosks. However, expect to pay a considerably higher price than at the regular supermarket.

Local and international groceries

The best place to buy fresh produce from the region is at one of the 14 weekly markets. The largest market is held every Wednesday and Saturday morning on the Altstadtmarkt. Throughout the city, there are many shops selling international foods that offer e.g. Asian, Turkish, Spanish or Italian specialities.

International press

Even in the age of Internet, many people do not like to go without their print media. If you are one of them, rest assured. You will be able to buy the leading international papers and magazines at the main train station's bookshop and in selected bookshops and kiosks around the city.

  • k presse + buch: address: Hauptbahnhof - Berliner Platz 1

  • Graff: address: Sack 15 • Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Sa 9:30h - 20h

  • Thalia: address: Hutfiltern 9 • Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Sa 9:30h - 20h

If you fall ill or have an accident while in Germany, the treatment costs are covered by your health insurance. You are free to choose your physician yourself.

How to find the right physician

Your first point of contact in case of any health issue is the general practitioner (Allgemeinmediziner). The best way to find a good GP is to ask your colleagues or friends for a recommendation.

If necessary, the GP will refer you to a specialist (Facharzt). If possible, ask the GP's receptionist to recommend a specialist or to make an appointment for you directly.

Seeing a physician

Most doctors expect you to make an appointment by telephone. If you are severely ill, make it clear that you would like to see the doctor that same day. you will need to present your health insurance card at the practice's reception.

If you have statutory health insurance the doctor will invoice all costs directly to your health insurance.

If you have private health insurance you will receive an invoice which you will have to pay. You then submit this invoice to your health insurance company, which will refund your expenses.


is only available in pharmacies
  • Most medication requires a prescription by a physician that you will have to take to a pharmacy.
  • If you have statutory health insurance You will have to pay between €5 and €10 for most medicines; the rest is covered by your health insurance.
  • If you have private health insurance, you will have to pay the cost of for the medication, then submit the receipt to your insurance company for a refund
  • Pharmacies also offer a variety of over-the-counter medicines for the most common illnesses like headaches. You will have to pay for them yourself.

Emergency numbers




Pharmacy emergency service:

Urgently needed medicines at all times.

Medical emergency service:

If doctors' practices are closed

Salzdahlumer Straße 90 (hospital), 38126 Braunschweig, 116117
Mon, Tue, Thu: 19h – 22h & Wed, Fri 15h – 22h & Sat, Sun 09h – 2h2

Accident hospital: Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig

Serious emergencies: Call an ambulance immediately 112:
State your name & address (street & house number) several times, slowly and clearly!

Leisure activities

Theater, dance, cinema, museums

- Braunschweig's cultural scene is diverse & extensive
  • At the Staatstheater and the LOT-Theater classical and experimental plays and dance productions are staged
  • The Theater Fadenschein, a modern puppet theatre, is popular amongst kids and adults alike
  • For the latest movies, often also playing in the original language, go to the C1 cinema.
    If you prefer non-mainstream films, try the cinema Universum
  • Braunschweig's museums host a broad range of art, history, photography and natural history exhibitions

Calendar of events: Braunschweig

Festivals: international musicians, actors & comedians in Braunschweig


Sports: watching or getting active

  • Braunschweig, the 'lion city', offers high quality sports, from top-class athletics and swimming championships to ATP tennis tournaments. Why not watch a match of the New Yorker Phantoms, who play in the national basketball league Bundesliga, or see the Braunschweig Lions, the several-times German champion in American Football and Eurobowls winner.

  • If you want to get active yourself you can join one of the 200 sports clubs or the Stadtsportbund or participate in unisport at our university. You can practise more than 100 different sports from childrens' gymnastics to football or even skydiving.

Parks, nature and outdoor activities

  • Braunschweig is very green, with numerous parks right in the heart of the city. There is plenty of space for jogging, inline skating, barbecues and playing football.
  • The nature protection area in Riddagshausen is ideal for long walks, and when the lakes there freeze over in winter, they become a magnet for ice skaters.
  • Go swimming or sunbathing at Braunschweig's public baths (indoor & outdoor) and lakes.
  • The river Oker, which forms a ring around Braunschweig, is a popular spot for rafting, canoeing and for enjoying the summer atmosphere in beach clubs and riverside cafés (Okercabna | Soldekk).
  • The Harz mountains offer excellent hiking and skiing possibilities.
  • The hill regions Elm and Weserbergland and the heathland nature park Südheide are other popular destinations.

Ausflüge mit Familie und Kindern

Leisure time is also family time. If you would to take advantage of the weekends to spend time with your family, there are many activities in and around Braunschweig that will thrill and excite your kids.


MoRe is determined to help you to get to know Braunschweig properly, by meeting interesting new people in an informal and sociable atmosphere. We therefore offer a diverse programme of leisure and family activities. All guests and institutes registered with MoRe will receive invitations well in advance.
Please ask your institute to register you with MoRe!

Further qualification & language courses

Further qualification

Maybe you would like to take advantage of your stay to further qualify yourself both professionally and methodically. In order to help you achieve this, the MoRe offers the following programme of courses and events:

  • Further qualification in university didactics
  • Intercultural training courses
  • Public interdisciplinary panel discussions

German language courses

If you want to improve your German skills during your stay in Germany, the language centre Sprachenzentrum der TU Braunschweig offers various options:

Courses during the semester

  • courses at all levels, 2 - 4 hours a week
  • advanced courses with different topics: e.g. writing academic texts, presentations, technical or scientific German

Beginners' courses "German in the office"

  • jump start into the German languag; specifically tailored to the needs of researchers
  • Within 2 weeks, you will acquire basic skills in small talk at the institute and other everyday situations

Intensive courses

  • 5 - 6 weeds, all day long, Monday to Friday, in small groups
  • courses at all levels and focusing on various topics

The adult education centre Volkshochschule also offers language courses.

The Sprachenzentrum also offers courses in English and 16 other foreign languages. There is a broad variety of general-language and technical-language courses to choose from.

Braunschweig in pictures

The historic main building Technische Universität Braunschweig
TU Braunschweig tower of architects
Ducal Palace
The Ducal Palace in Braunschweig: The Residential Palace of the Guelphs was reconstructed in its original size and in its historical location. Now, inside there are a huge shopping centre, the city library and museums.
photo: Rolf Neumann/Pixelio
Palace square
waterspout fountain in front of the Ducal palace | photo: Markus Kräft/Pixelio
Burgplatz: Dankwarderode Castle was the residence of Henry the Lion
Cathedral St. Blasii: This Roman three-nave basilica was built in 1173 and is the burial place of Henry the Lion and Emperor Otto IV
Lion statue
The lion statue: Emblem of Henry the Lion and the first freestanding monument of the Middle Ages
Rider statues
Rider statues of Herzog Friedrich Wilhelm and Herzog Karl Wilhelm Ferdinang situated on the "Löwenwall"
Town Square
The "Altstadtmarkt": The Old City Market has been a location for trade for 700 years.
City view
Braunschweig city views »
The christmas market in Braunschweig around the Cathedral and the twon hall
Old Scale
Old Scale (Alte Waage)
City centre
Shopping malls in the city centre
Theater park
Oker garden
The river Oker forms a ring around Braunschweig


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