Mobile Researchers' Centre (MoRe)

Our services are directed at all those involved with international science in Braunschweig:

  • We offer advice and support to international scientists at the TU Braunschweig, at the large scale research institutes and at business partners in the region.
  • We offer support for the employees and decision-makers from institutes hosting foreign scientists.

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Consulting & support

Working in close cooperation with the host institutes we would like to offer you an excellent support:

Our service for international scientists

We want you to settle in quickly and make you feel at home in Braunschweig and at your host institute:

  • We provide individual advice and practical help on all aspects of your stay in Braunschweig.
  • Our team, together with the host institutes, is there for all your needs.
  • We offer support in all issues of everyday life, from preparing your arrival and finding suitable accommodation to dealing with the authorities or finding a daycare centre for your children.

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Awards for the Mobile Researchers' Centre of TU Braunschweig

Award "Welcome Centres"

During the 2009 national competition "Welcome Centres", the MoRe concept was honoured for its innovative and flexible approach to supporting visiting scientists. more »

Award "Research Alumni of universities in Germany"

MoRe was awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for its Alumni concept focusing the internationalization of regional research. more »


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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Euraxess Network is coordinated by Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung.

international science

International Research and International Studies

There is hardly another area where multinationality is as omnipresent and natural as it is in scientific research. Teaching is increasingly influenced by this. In Europe, this trend is facilitated by the Bologna Process. 15% of the TU Braunschweig's students spend a semester at one of our international partner universities or complete an internship at a company abroad.

Internationalisation at Home

Even those who stay at home benefit from close contact with fellow students and lecturers from all over the world. Mobile researchers play an important role in this. As lecturers and supervisors of scientific papers, they can successfully interest students in research areas that are important to central topics in their country of origin – the efficiency of air conditioning systems in hot countries, for example, or waste water treatment in megacities.

At the same time, international lecturers send an important signal to prospective students from abroad. The fact that a researcher from their home country is working at the TU Braunschweig may provide the first impulse towards an application. Once they are here, international students find a sympathetic ear for their concerns, as well as an academic education that acknowledges the situation in their home country. And last but not least, the international guests create a climate of open exchange, a broad variety of perspectives and cutting-edge international research at our university.

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