Arrival and First Steps in Braunschweig

After your arrival, you will need to take care of a number of important things in order to be able to enrol and get off to a good start in your studies:


Getting to Braunschweig

There are four international airports within easy travelling distance of Braunschweig, plus direct train connections from many European cities. Click here for route descriptions and information on airports, trains and buses:

Get Info: Travelling to Braunschweig (Google Maps)
Check Offers: Travelling via plane, train, bus (www.GoEuro.de)

Pickup from Braunschweig's train station

If you have applied for our buddy programme, your peer student will pick you up from the train station and accompany you to your accommodation. At least one week prior to your departure, please inform your peer student when and how you will be arriving in Braunschweig and remember to contact them if your journey should be delayed.

If you do not have a peer student yet, apply now for our buddy programme:

Online Application: Buddy Programme »

Overnight stay at a hotel

If you have not yet arranged for housing, it is best to try and stay with friends or acquaintances. You can book a hotel room (about € 30 - € 50 per night) through the touristinfo in Braunschweig or contact the youth hostel Braunschweig.


For your enrolment and your residence permit, you will need to provide proof of adequate insurance cover that is valid in Germany. We recommend that you take out insurance directly upon your arrival in Braunschweig.

How to take out German health insurance:

Go to the branch of a statutory health insurance company. For about € 80 per month, you can take out statutory health insurance for students. If you have an EHIC card, ask the staff for confirmation that you are exempt from the obligation to obtain insurance.

The following statutory health insurance companies have offices near campus:
Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)   |  AOK

Remember to carry your health insurance card with you at all times while in Germany!

How to take out liability insurance:

Go to a local insurance company office. For about € 7 per month you can take out liability insurance. If you have a liability insurance policy from your home country, the staff there will be able to tell you whether or not it meets the German standard.

The following insurance companies have branches on campus:
Debeka  |  Öffentliche Versicherung


You will receive detailed information on enrolment along with your letter of acceptance. We will inform you of:

  • when to present yourself for enrolment
  • which documents to bring
  • the amount of your semester contribution

You receive your temporary student ID at the enrolment appointment and are allowed to use this student ID as the semester ticket.

Residence Permit

How to apply for your residence permit

  • Make an appointment with the relevant official at the foreigners' registration office, either via e-mail or online. If you don't live in Braunschweig, please contact the foreigners' registration office in the town you live.
  • You will receive a proposed appointment and a list of the documents to bring.
  • Make sure you bring all the required documents to your appointment. A staff member at the International Office can accompany you to the foreigners' registration office.
  • A few weeks after your appointment, you will be sent a notice with which you can pick up your residence permit from the foreigners' registration office.
  • It takes about 8 weeks to issue a residence permit.

Documents to bring when going to the foreigners' registration office:

Please note:

The electronic residence permit (eAT)

  • The electronic residence permit is issued in the form of a chip card. It comes with a supplementary sheet containing additional provisions. It takes about 8 weeks to produce an electronic residence permit.
  • The card contains a memory chip with your photo, fingerprints, personal data and any restrictions on your residence permit.
  • For your chip card, you will receive a PIN, a PUK and a code word used to block the card in case of loss or theft.
  • If you like, you can activate a number of additional features such as online identification and electronic signature.
Bank Account

As soon as you are in Braunschweig, you can open a German bank account. Most banks offer special student accounts, which are free of charge.

The following banks have branches near campus:
Braunschweigische Landessparkasse

To set up your bank account, please bring the following documents with you:

  • passport or identity card
  • residents’ registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung der Stadt Braunschweig)
  • for a student account: your (temporary) student ID
Registration at university facilities

Make use of the time between enrolment and the beginning of lectures to register with the various university facilities. Many of the TU Braunschweig's facilities hold introductory events at the beginning of the semester.

TUcard - your electronic student ID

You receive your temporary student ID at the enrolment appointment. This temporary student ID is valid until your TUcard is ready for pick up. You can pick up your TUcard around two weeks after enrolment at the Studienservice-Center.

The TUcard includes the following functions:

  • Study card
  • Semester ticket
  • Library card
  • Mensa card
  • Payment card for your printing account
  • Identification for university and student body elections.

To use the University Library, newly matriculated students will first need to register online and then at the circulation desk.

Validate your TUcard

The validation of the TUcard has to be done manually once it is issued and again at the beginning of each new semester. This process encodes your current data on the card’s thermal sensitive foil via a validation printer.

Setting up your IT account:

You will receive your user ID ("y-number") about 2 weeks after enrolment. Through this account, you will have access to all IT services, introductory courses and software training offered by the Gauss IT Centre. If you have any questions, simply contact the IT service desk.

Signing up for a German language course:

In addition to your university studies, we recommend that you continue to study German, in particular improving your language skills in your specific field of study.

The Sprachenzentrum (language centre) offers German language courses of all levels. They cover a broad variety of student requirements, e.g. conversational German, scientific terminology, oral presentations and the academic writing. A language course usually takes up two semester hours.

Sign up for a German course »
Orientation programme

The first few weeks in a foreign country are an exciting time: strange language, strange people, strange customs. Together with student networks the TU Braunschweig offers an orientation and semester programme for international students. Here are some opportunities for you to learn all about TU Braunschweig and German student life and to make new contacts.

Alle events at a glance! Visit our website:
» International Welcome Programmes at TU Braunschweig

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