Arrival in Braunschweig

Please plan your arrival day in accordance with the Student Service Office (Studentenwerk) so you can move at the arrival day into your room. Otherwise you will need to spend your first night in a hotel.

Please inform your Peer Student at least one week prior to your departure when and how you will arrive in Braunschweig, so we can make all necessary arrangements.

How to get to Braunschweig

There are four international airports within easy travelling distance of Braunschweig and direct train connections from many European cities. Click here for route descriptions and information on airports, train and bus connections:

Get Info: Travelling to Braunschweig (Google Maps)
Check Offers: Travelling via plane, train, bus (www.GoEuro.de)

Moving into your room

When you arrive in Braunschweig,

  • your peer student will pick you up from the railway station and accompany you to Students Services' Office (Studentenwerk).
  • This is where you sign for your accommodation, are given your key. and you pay a deposit. The deposit is usually one month’s rent and must be paid in cash.
  • Your peer student will then take you to your hall of residence.

If you do not have a peer student yet, apply now for our buddy programme:

Online registration: Buddy programme

Spending the first night at a hotel

If you are unable to move directly into your student accommodation or have not yet found anywhere to live in Braunschweig, you can find a room for the first nights through the Braunschweig Tourist Information Office or contact the youth hostel Braunschweig.

Braunschweig in pictures

The historic main building Technische Universität Braunschweig
TU Braunschweig tower of architects
Ducal Palace
The Ducal Palace in Braunschweig: The Residential Palace of the Guelphs was reconstructed in its original size and in its historical location. Now, inside there are a huge shopping centre, the city library and museums.
photo: Rolf Neumann/Pixelio
Palace square
waterspout fountain in front of the Ducal palace | photo: Markus Kräft/Pixelio
Burgplatz: Dankwarderode Castle was the residence of Henry the Lion
Cathedral St. Blasii: This Roman three-nave basilica was built in 1173 and is the burial place of Henry the Lion and Emperor Otto IV
Lion statue
The lion statue: Emblem of Henry the Lion and the first freestanding monument of the Middle Ages
Rider statues
Rider statues of Herzog Friedrich Wilhelm and Herzog Karl Wilhelm Ferdinang situated on the "Löwenwall"
Town Square
The "Altstadtmarkt": The Old City Market has been a location for trade for 700 years.
City view
Braunschweig city views »
The christmas market in Braunschweig around the Cathedral and the twon hall
Old Scale
Old Scale (Alte Waage)
City centre
Shopping malls in the city centre
Theater park
Oker garden
The river Oker forms a ring around Braunschweig

How to Get to Braunschweig


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