Areas of Research at IMAB

Electrical machines

The design of electrical machines today involves a great deal of interdisciplinary issues that can only be solved in a holistic approach. At IMAB machine design is therefore carried out by a team of many experts, initially on the basis of geometric and thermal boundary conditions, followed by the electromagnetic design. Here, we use novel hard and soft magnetic materials in cooperation with numerous partners from industry and science. Machines of high power density require mechanical research on strength, rotor dynamics and bearing concepts, especially in high-speed drive applications. The control of the machines is realized via power electronic laboratory setups, which enable measurement and testing of the motor prototypes built at IMAB on high-performance test benches.

Power electronics

IMAB offers a broad spectrum in the field research in power electronics. Innovative electric drives require sophisticated inverters which are developed and designed at IMAB. Besides inverters the spectrum of research in power electronics at IMAB includes wireless power transfer, charging equipment for electric vehicles, dc-dc converters and grid connected inverters for renewable energy sources.
For further optimization of efficiency and power density the application of new wide bad gap power devices is investigated. These new devices enable a loss reduction and an increase in switching frequency to reduce volume and increase power density. Besides the theoretical background and modeling at IMAB the concepts are built in hardware to proof the design concepts.

Electric vehicle drives

In the automotive industry, the electrified powertrain is becoming increasingly popular in vehicles. Drivetrains of plug-in hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles require individual drive solutions due to their different topologies. In numerous research projects, IMAB works on battery management, power electronics, drive control and electrical machines to realize drives with the highest level of component integration, power utilization and cost-efficiency. Strong networking in science and industry enables us to provide competent answers to research questions in these areas.


Within the framework of research projects on electromobility, we look at fundamental issues of charging and electrification of vehicles. The drivetrain of battery electric vehicles is in competition with the established internal combustion engine. At IMAB, we are doing research on new devices for the efficient high-performance (fast-) charging and inductive charging of electric vehicles and the components of the drive train installed inside the vehicle.

  last changed 15.10.2018
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