Teaching Policy at the IK

Engineers have a large part in the development of new ideas as well as their transfer into the everyday application and, thus, contribute significantly to the shaping of our future life. This responsibility must also take account of the training of future engineers. Beyond the professional qualification, the individual development of the students – with a view to creativity and personal potential – must be considered and promoted. With the teaching at the IK, we pursue the goal of a practice-oriented training, which is oriented towards the professional and interdisciplinary challenges of the future professional life and promotes the individual development of the students.

Content Link and Focus in Teaching

The range of courses offered by the IK is divided into four core themes: basic principles of design, computer support (CAx), product development and acoustics. The major part of the courses offered can be attributed to these core themes. These focus-specific courses ensure the solid basic and application-related expertise of the engineering education at the IK. Further courses are interdisciplinary courses of the above-described subjects and, thus, ensure an interdisciplinary education.

Courses, especially those of one core theme, build upon one other. Thus, the courses should be attended in a certain (chronological) order. Information on a useful completion of the courses for the bachelor's and master's degree in mechanical engineering is listed under the heading "Courses". Our student counselling also provides guidance on planning the content of the study.

Quality Assurance in Teaching

The main criterion for a successful learning achievement is the professional and interdisciplinarily qualification of the tutors. In order to support you as a student during the learning process, our employees participate in the basic qualification of the teach4TU program. Within the scope of this further education, they acquire methods and strategies for the preparation and implementation of their teaching, which are directly integrated into the organization of the courses at the IK. We also achieve a continuous improvement in our courses by letting the teach4TU team attend and evaluate them. We also use your opinions and comments in the context of the central teaching evaluations and deepen them in personal discussions as a basis for the further development of our courses.

  last changed 22.05.2019
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