Research Fields of the Group Vehicle Concepts

Future needs in the mobility sector, increased environmental awareness as well as new drive and manufacturing technologies yield new requirements for future vehicle concepts and mobility applications. We deal with the integration of battery packs as well as with the development and evaluation of tailored vehicle concepts for modern and future mobility applications, contributing hence to shape the mobility of the future.

Research Topics

  • Whole Vehicle Concepts and Mobility Applications: We define different use- and application-case scenarios, in order to determine requirements, that must be taken into account in the development of future vehicle concepts and mobility applications. We evaluate the whole vehicle system as well as its components and we analyze the correlation between different requirements, such as ergonomics, safety, design and technology. Through the development and employment of suitable tools, we support the design and evaluation of vehicle concepts in early stages of the development process.
  • Battery Integration and Development: Battery integration into the vehicle represent a new challenge for the automotive industry. Requirements shall be defined at an early development stage. We provide supporting tools to evaluate the frameworks of electro-mobility (international standards and use-case scenario). We also focus on analyzing safety measures as well as characterizing and simulating structural and thermic factors that affect battery design.

Selected Research Projects

Team Head


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