Research Fields of the Group Integrated Product Development

The research of the work group IPE addresses challenges of the integrated product development within the interplay of processes within the company, the technical system and humans as developers. Focus lays on the research fields of Training & Transfer of Methods, Cooperative Product Development, Systems & Life Cycle Engineering and Conceptual Design of Innovative Products. Results of our research are scientifically sound and practically applicable methods and tools for modern product development.

Research Topics

  • Training & Transfer of Methods: Under Training & Transfer of Methods we understand the sustainable development and consequent integration of method knowledge into product development as well within the academic as within the industrial context. Method knowledge comprises the selection and adaption of methods, tools and procedures under consideration of specific development situations and their problem and goal oriented application. Withal, methods are customised to the target group of developers and the application context in order to ensure an efficient and effective support. In particular, we focus following research topics:
    • Situative selection and adaption of methods
    • Education and training within product development

  • Collaborative Design: While usable knowledge becomes more specialised and value creation concentrates on key competences of companies, the integration of external knowledge carriers becomes more important in product development. Our understanding and claim of Collaborative Design focuses the organisation and methodical support of collaborations with external knowledge carriers across borders of companies, locations and disciplines. Therefore, we consider the changed requirements on existing development processes and development activities regarding information flows, supporting design methods, forms of communications and required professional and social competencies. In particular, we focus our research on following topics:
    • User-centred product design
    • Open Innovation
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration in distributed teams

  • Systems & Life Cycle Engineering: Modern development processes require managing the involvement of various development disciplines in order to define, develop and integrate different solution elements of the product. Our research in Systems & Life Cycle Engineering addresses the interdisciplinary modelling and evaluation of products as well as the integrated analysis and development of product and process models. This integrated modelling serves for providing comprehensive and verified information, for instance, to support decision-making or process management. Thereby, different perspectives of product models serves for Life Cycle Planning of products. We focus our current research on following topics:
    • Life Cycle Planning
    • Requirements and systems modelling
    • Model Based Process Engineering

  • Conceptual Design of Innovative Products: Within product development concepts are developed as solution proposals for technical problems in order to evaluate required product properties as functionality, weight or production cost. Basis for the development of promising concepts is the availability of knowledge resulting from experience and predecessor projects. Our research in Conceptual Design of Innovative Productsaims on the development of tools for a goal-oriented provision of product knowledge, for instance, in form of solution principles. Thereby, we address challenges of complex mechatronic systems, handling variety and the implementation and use of Industry 4.0, for instance. Our focus is on the following topics:
    • Design for X
    • Design of architectures of product families and generations
    • Conception of Product Service Systems

Selected Research Projects

Described research topics are focussed among others within following publicly funded projects:

    • KAMiiSo: Digitale Hilfsmittel für Kommunikation und Methodeneinsatz in der standortübergreifenden Produktentwicklung
    • InnoLink: Integrierte Innovationsmethodik zur Stärkung der Innovationsfähigkeit kleiner und mittelständischer Unternehmen in der Region
    • Innovationsverbund Synus: Methoden und Werkzeuge für die synergetische Konzipierung und Bewertung von Industrie 4.0-Lösungen

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