High-Resolution Nanoimprint and Nanotransfer Printing


We investigate novel technologies in nanofabrication and -patterning. Using stamps prepared by molecular beam epitaxy both imprinted line gratings in polymers as well as transferred metal thin films with feature sizes down to below 10 nm can be directly patterned on planar substrates.


  • Sebastian Strobel, Stefan Harrer, Guillermo Penso Blanco, Giuseppe Scarpa, Gerhard Abstreiter, Paolo Lugli, Marc Tornow, Planar Nanogap Electrodes by Direct Nanotransfer Printing, Small 5, 579 – 582 (2009)
  • Stefan Harrer, Sebastian Strobel, Giuseppe Scarpa, Gerhard Abstreiter, Marc Tornow, Paolo Lugli, Room-Temperature Nanoimprint Lithography Using Molds Fabricated by Molecular Beam Epitaxy, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 7, 363 (2008) 







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