The report on the 2nd German Intercalibration Exercise Benthic Diatoms is currently in preparation.

Additional Information

The 2nd German Intercalibration Exercise Benthic Diatoms 2014 was executed successfully

On July 18 and 19, 2015, 25 diatom specialists from seven countries, active in science and practice, met in Braunschweig to discuss the results of the 2nd German Intercalibration Exercise on benthic diatoms. The aim was to acquire solutions on how to deal with taxa difficult to distinguish. Furthermore, recommendations were made to improve the evaluation accuracy when applying the PHYLIB assessment method for Macrophytes and Phytobenthos in Running Waters and Lakes for the Implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive in Germany. The intensive exchange was enriched by the contributions and suggestions of Dr. Krisztina Buczko (Natural History Museum, Hungary, Budapest) and Prof. Dr. Bart Van de Vijver (Botanical Garden Meise, Belgium), who contributed to the Intercalibration Exercise as  reference counters.

Many thanks to all participants of the workshop!
Dr. Anja Schwarz, Institute of Geosystems and Bioindication
(Organizer of the Intercalibration Exercise and workshop)

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