Welding technology

Dr.-Ing. J. Hensel

Inert gas welding processes such as metal active gas (MAG), metal inert gas (MIG) or tungsten inert gas (TIG) and tungsten plasma welding enable fully-mechanized design with state-of-the-art power sources and high-quality connections, even for materials with limited weldability.

The influence of these and other fusion processes on the strength and toughness properties and especially on the strength under oscillating stress are investigated with various methods of non-destructive and destructive material testing. Particular attention is paid to improving the vibration resistance in comparison with conventional production methods by optimizing welding processes, process sequences and by means of welding aftertreatment processes.

research interests

  • Mechanized MIG welding of magnesium alloys
  • Applications of ribbon electrodes in automated MAG welding of stainless steels and MIG welding of aluminum
  • Welding of aluminum alloys
  • Welding high-strength steels
  • Influence of inert gas composition on the welding process and the quality of welded joints made of aluminum alloys
  • Welding inspection during pulse welding based on the frequencies of molten bath vibrations
  • hybrid processes

areas of expertise

  • Arc welding
  • Flame cutting
  • Training

range of services

  • Optimization of arc welding processes
  • Welding of high-strength steels and nickel-based materials
  • Welding of Al and Mg alloys
  • Welding optimization of notches
  • Optimization of pressure welded joints
  • Welding advice and training

domestic equipments

  • Arc welding laboratory with three 6-axis robots
  • State-of-the-art power sources for all inert gas welding and submerged arc welding
  • MIG / MAG welding machine for multi-wire, MIG / MAG plasma and flat wire applications
  • Gas mixing plant in the ppm range
  • Installations for flash butt and friction welding
  • Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Digital high-speed camera

contact person

Jonas Hensel

+49 531 391 955 17

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