Areas of expertise

Welding technology

In recent years, the beam welding technology has evolved significantly and gained increasingly industrial importance. At the same time, however, the requirements of the industry for modern beam welding technology and the quality of applications have steadily increased ...  [more]

Light alloy die-casting

Die casting is a process for the production of near-dimension, complex and thin-walled lightweight components, which has decisive economic advantages in mass production due to its high productivity... [more]

Beam technology

The beam welding technology has been constantly evolving, gaining much industrial importance and can be expected in the future, an enormous economic potential and correspondingly increased research ... [more]

Strength & component behavior

The work area of strength and component behavior deals with the effects that different welding processes can exert on the strength behavior of joint constructions in a wide range of boundary conditions... [more]

Fiber composite & electromobility

Fiber composite technology has become increasingly important in recent years. Both economic and ecological reasons require the increasing use of lightweight materials... [more]

Gluing & mechanical joining

Bonding - especially structural or semi-structural bonding - mechanical joining and hybrid joining - has experienced a great boost in demand and development in recent years. This push was triggered, among other things, by the increased interest of the automotive industry... [more

Composites & Interfaces

composites & Interfaces [more]

Open Hybrid Lab Factory

The public-private partnership Open Hybrid LabFactory was initiated in 2012 under the auspices of the Niedersachsen Research Center for Automotive Technology (NFF) of the TU Braunschweig together with the industrial partners. The lightweight HybridCampus Open Hybrid LabFactory makes high-production manufacturing and production technologies for economically and ecologically sustainable production more hybrid Lightweight components developed from metals, plastics and textile structures. [more]


In the concept of the funding program "Mikrosystemtechnik 2000+" of the BMBF, microsystem technology (MST) is called a key technology... [more]

Damage cases & analytics

The material and its properties play a central role in the development and manufacture of technical components and determine their performance properties. The material development of the last decades has led to a large range of material groups... [more]

Simulation & calculation

Ever shorter product changeover times, increased national and international cost pressure as well as increased demands on the product safety and quality lead to the necessity, as early as possible of the development as much as possible about the later properties... [more]

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