Institute of Joining and Welding Technology

Joining processes are required for designs and components of all sizes, from the ship's hull to the microchip. Joining questions are therefore of importance for practically all areas of mechanical and plant engineering, in particular in power station, vehicle and shipbuilding as well as in aerospace engineering and in process engineering and electrical engineering. In addition to machine and vehicle construction, interdisciplinary cooperations in construction, medicine and dentistry also involve technical technical problems, such as the life extension of engineering structures or the attachment of prostheses in the human body edited.

The Institute of Joining and Welding Technology deals with such issues across the entire field of research and teaching. Thus, the ifs stands not only for the connection of components but also for the convergence of people and disciplines.

The production of innovative products with new materials is only possible with the right joining technology. To this end, the fields of activity training and further education, quality assurance and research and development in materials and production engineering must be combined in an interdisciplinary manner. In a traditionally grown relationship, this enables the innovation of technical joining processes in the same way as the transfer of knowledge via heads and intensive customer contact on the basis of a broad range of services.

The staff, doctoral candidates and students of the institute are working in our various areas of competence as well as in the institute workshop at the main location Braunschweig and in the extension Aachen.

  last changed 16.08.2018
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