Simulation tools at the Institute of Aircraft Design and Lightweight Structures

The Institute of Aircraft Design and Lightweight Structures has access to a diversity of different simulation tools. Those tools consist of self-developed programs on the one hand and on the other hand of academic licences of comercial FEA programs (such as ANSYS, Nastran, Patran, ABAQUS). An example for a self-developed program would be the tool for the Preliminary Aircraft Design (PrADO) which has an excellent reputation among the experts in that specific field. The IFL also has several interfaces connecting different simulation-tools to allow a shared use of data. A typical usage for the simulation-tools is the verification of experimental data or the prediction of the outcome of such experiments. Furthermore they are used in modelling, optimizing and analyzing of miscellaneous problems. Following is an overview of the simulation-tools that are used at the IFL:


  • PrADO
  • ifls
  • FEA
  • Numerical fluid analysis

  last changed 14.03.2013
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