Team project in aeronautical and astronautical science

Bachelor students of engineering are working together on a challenging project out of the wide field of aeronautical and astronautical science. Depending on the supervising institute, the project-topic will be out of the field of aircraft design and lightweight structures, materials, aerodynamics, jet engines, aircraft performance or flight control. At the institute of aircraft design and lightweight structures, the students have to design components of an aircraft structure subjected to defined loadcases with the aid of finite element methodes.

The team project is designed to teach the students how to write a scientific thesis, how to reasonably distribute the set tasks and create a realistic project-schedule. Self-organisation and distribution of work inside the project-group is essential part of the team project. Students may apply for some weeks before the winter-term start.

Further information can be found here:

Projektarbeit SS2019

  last changed 05.02.2019
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