Short Introduction to the Institute of Flight Guidance

The Institute of Flight Guidance (IFF) from the Technische Universität Braunschweig is led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Hecker. The Institute employs approximately 50 staff, 45 research engineers included.

The aim of Flight Guidance research is the development of means for supporting the human being in operating aircraft. This research addresses principles and technical means to support the human being in guiding aircraft safely gate to gate. Subjects of research are functions, systems and operations for assisting the aircrew, the traffic controller or their stakeholder involved in the air transportation system. The objective of research is to enable a safe, efficient an environmentally friendly flight.

Our interdisciplinary teams develop and apply tools and solutions, comprising - for example - on-board avionics and cockpit assistant systems as well as weather data, positioning an navigation, ground based systems for air traffic control, airports or airlines.

Scientific activities and research Teams of the institute are mainly carried out in the fields of

  • Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Navigation,
  • Flight Guidance Systems and Flight Mechanics,
  • Airbourne Meteorology and measuring technology.

Beside its basic research the Institute is frequently involved in research and development programs with industrial partners which leads to system developments for commercial applications.


Institute of Flight Guidance
Hermann-Blenk-Str. 27
D - 38108 Braunschweig
phone: +49 (0) 531  391 - 9802

fax.: +49 - (0) 531 391 - 9804
E-mail: iff(at)tu-braunschweig.de

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